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seal-bearer of Nagappa of the Small Treasury, who is the
Superintendent of Venkatapatidevaraya's treasury to enable
the farmers of Indukfiru to plough the uncultivated fields.
They took the letter (of permission allowing them to plough
the fields ?) from the year Jaya. From that year, for every
turn of land the gidta is 2 rukas, the kavali J nlfca; total 2J rul;as>
These conditions must be observed for eight years.
F"This inscription does not mention the Salia year. On comparing
with the inscriptions of this king in other villages, this (cyclic year) is seen
to correspond the &?1 yeir 1523"].
Kaifiyat of Induffiru :~Z, R. 10, pp. 163-4.
The Brahmans enjoyed this village as a sarvamanya
agrcJtara even during the reign of Yenkatapatiraya, king of
Peuugonda. Then, the owners of the agtahara together with
Bhandaram Nagi  Nayadu.....granted a fcawZ to the farmers,
as shown by an epigraph the substance of which is given
On S.S. 1531 Ktlaka, Isvija, ba. 3, the Vidvan-Mahajanas
resident in Uratur and Nagappa of the treasiiry granted this
charter to the farmers of UratHr iasing the rent (gutta) of the
nncultivated fields*. We agree to take (gutta, 1J r^ias, and
kauali, J ruJca) 2 nkas per annum for eight years for every ium
of land that is ploughed. He who goes against this agreement
fixing the rent of uncultivated land eats dog's flesh.
Kaifiyai of Urafir; L. R. 10, pp. 185-86.
According to some inscriptions, while Venkatapatiraya,
king of Peuugonda, was ruling the country, he granted
charters (for the cultivation of land) to the farmers of some
villages in Kamalapuram taluka, thereby making the country
populous. Timmanna of this Venkatapatiraya's treasury
granted a charter to the farmers of Ko^duru and this village,
set up an inscription which is lying broken on the ground